A new podcast that reimagines how Filipinos can build a new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic has debuted to feature conversations with a diverse group of people whose inspiring stories can help us build a better Philippines.

Dream Bayan by BPI

Called Dream Bayan, the podcast series is produced by the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), in collaboration with Pumapodcast.

Owen Cammayo, Head of BPI Corporate Affairs Group, said the podcast sheds light on people from different industries, professions, and disciplines to help bring hope through their stories, longings, ideas.

“If there’s anything this global health crisis has taught us, it is the importance of learning how to cope and survive. The need to pivot, problem-solve, and tackle the unknown is paramount,” said Cammayo.

“We aim to inspire our listeners, bring hope and positivity by telling stories of how ordinary folks can have an extraordinary capacity for action amid seemingly insurmountable challenges.”

“How can we make things better in our society, say, healthcare, digital banking, agriculture, and so on? Should we go back to normal? Is ‘normal’ desirable or right for us? These are the types of questions that we will explore and try to answer as we help build back a better nation,” Cammayo added.

For the pilot episode, titled “Going Forward: Why Frontliners Need an Upgrade for the Future”, Dream Bayan speaks with front liners, including Dr. Jet Masa, phone banker Heartee Alfon, and relationship manager Cecille Santiago, whose jobs are considered essential these days. They share their stories of hope and perseverance to encourage more people to live meaningful lives in pursuit of their goals, despite the limitations brought about by the pandemic.

Dr. Masa, an anesthesiologist, will take the audience inside the warzone by telling us vivid accounts of how he and his team go about their duties while making sure that every health worker is safe and that patients are well taken care of.

Meanwhile, Heartee and Cecille—both employees of the Bank of the Philippine Islands—are part of the frontline workers whose roles as a customer service representative and relationship manager, respectively, help clients with their critical need for financial services.

“While most of us were taken aback by this pandemic, our front liners remain committed to do their jobs, even going out of their way to be of service to the Filipino in need,” Mr. Cammayo said.

For the succeeding episodes, Dream Bayan, together with experts from various fields, will tackle the narratives surrounding agriculture in the Philippines and how they typically paint the industry as one full of struggle and poverty; lessons on resilience and innovative ways to do business in the new normal; the journey of Sinag Entrepreneurs, which put people at the heart of their services; and sustainable cities and urban planning to reimagine how we should be building not just our cities, but our communities as well.

“All these topics provide a blueprint for ways to shape and create a better Philippines. This is for the benefit of our countrymen who continue to look for ways to cope and move forward,” he said.

To listen to the Dream Bayan podcast, tune in to Spotify http://bit.ly/dreambayan, Anchor https://anchor.fm/dream-bayan, Google, and Apple Podcasts https://www.stitcher.com/s?eid=78717323



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