This year has been a roller coaster ride for all Bloggers of Cebu. Not to mention the struggles of businesses and some of our PR partners. This 13th edition of Best Cebu Blogs Awards is dedicated to all our Sponsors who did not leave us but instead keep on strengthing our connection in any possible ways. But for this year, we are grateful for our partners namely PLDT, Bank of Philippine Islands, PayMaya, and Cebu Pacific Air which despite some financial issues, are still here supporting this little cause for our beloved Cebu Bloggers and Social Media Movers. 

Now, without further ado, here are the winners for the 13th Best Cebu Blogs Awards!


Best Cebu Food Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 91.06%: Neil Savellon of chefbuano.com

Best Cebu Personal Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 83.59%: Andrew Philip Mayol of skiptheflip.com

SECOND - 74.6%

THIRD - 65.79%

Best Cebu Photo Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 76.53482%: Miguel Gee Abas Jr. of vivomigsgee.com

SECOND - 76.45125%

THIRD - 66.01%

Best Cebu Quarantine Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 70.64% : Sofia Saldana & Noelle Salvador of twogirlsunderthesun.com

SECOND - 53.73%

THIRD - 53.28%

Best Cebu Style Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 74.63%: Katrina Enrera of keiseeeinthecity.com

SECOND - 72.58%

THIRD - 63.44%

Best Cebu Video Blogger of 2020

FIRST - 80.95% : Margrette Ann Sinajon-Chavez of Youtube.com/margretteannsinajon

SECOND - 76.33%

THIRD - 60.04%

Best Cebu Tiktok Vlogger of 2020

FIRST - 80.3% : Skye Zhia Rendon of tiktok.com/@skyezhia


Cebu Pacific Choice of 2020 (Highest Scorer of all Finalists. He will receive a domestic round trip by Cebu Pacific Air)

91.06%: Neil Savellon of chefbuano.com 

PLDT's Choice of 2020

Joymie Arnaiz of www.jlarnaiz.com

Best Creative Writing By Memoriter Services

Aldrich Infantado of www.bisayatraveler.com

Founder's Choice of 2020

WINNER: Glister del Socorro of chasingpotatoes.com 

RUNNER UP: Aldrin-Jake Suan of aldrincore.com - will receive a domestic Round Trip ticket by Cebu Pacific Air

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! Please wait for an official email on how to claim your prizes.



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