If private institutions and companies have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Our Family in Cebu Bloggers Society has what we call Bloggers Social Responsibility or BSR. In contrary to other published article, our Outreach Program at the Children’s Shelter Cebu on August 3, 2019, was not the first Bloggers Social Responsibility of Cebu Bloggers Society. It was one of the many Charity works that our partner organization, CBS has successfully held and initiated.

When Mark Monta founded, Cebu Bloggers Society last February 14, 2008, it was designed to promote Cebu through Blogging. Part of this goal is to do our share for the environment or the community. I remember that 2010 Literacy Outreach program which a number of CBS volunteer Bloggers assisted a number of youngsters who wishes to learn basics in computer. It was a partnership with Tsinelas Foundation by Insoy of Missing Filemon. Also, in the same year, we held a gift-giving to 50 families who were affected by a fire accident in Barangay Duljo Fatima. A lot of Community volunteerism and works were done by CBS members after those years. Indeed, CBS has been supportive of Charity Works through its internal program called Bloggers Social Responsibility.

On August 3, 2019, CBS once again opened its door to the community that needs help. Dubbed as "Bloggers Social Responsibility: 50 Smiles For A Day", CBS aims to promote empowerment and resiliency thru the smiles on the faces of 50 Angels of Children's Shelter of Cebu. It is envisioned to inculcate positivity and elevate the lives of the children by showcasing one smile at a time. It won't be successful without the help of our loving friends from GCash, Krispy Kreme Philippines and of course, from Page One.

BCBA and CBS founder (in white shirt) was playing with his team of Angels
The program started with a prayer and then savoring to Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed Donuts. We witnessed the happy faces of those Angels as they put on their Krispy Kreme Hat and play with their Balloons. Of course, it won't be complete without any games which reminisce our childhood. In addition, these Angels received beautiful signature T-shirts from Michael Cubcuban of Advocacy Shirts. The Children's smiles and laughs were contagious that we brought their positivity to each of our homes. Kudos CBS!



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