Neil Savellon is the man behind the new food, life + style and travel blog known as Chefbuano. He is based in Cebu, Philippines. Neil being very picky with food pushed him to become a self taught chef at a young age. Having found a love for cooking, he finished food related classes both locally and internationally. One thing Neil also loves aside from exploring food and recipes is his desire to share his experiences when dining at restaurants and when using certain products or services. He loves to share his travel experiences to people and hope to inspire them. Neil finds his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a great avenue to advertise and promote products so readers will know what to expect.

Neil is a hardworking Sr. Learning Professional on weekdays and facilitates customer service training. On weekends, you may find him hosting an event, enjoying his time with friends at the beach or may be out of town. He started chasing sunsets, going to thrilling adventures, exploring new dishes and traveling to new places as early as high school. Last March 2016 he decided to pursue blogging and launched his own blog site, www.chefbuano.com. His blog mainly featured his own recipes but he later on started adding lifestyle and travel.

Neil has worked with famous brands like Cebu City Marriott Hotel, Optima Skin & Slimming Solutions and HDP Printing.

Let us welcome Cebu Bloggers Society Member, Neil Savellon of chefbuano.com as the Master of Ceremony for the 10th Best Cebu Blogs Awards Night which is happening on December 3, 2017 at Cebu Parklane International Hotel.



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