The 8th Best Cebu Blogs Awards was graced by Best Cebu Travel Bloggers of 2014, Couple Bloggers Mr. Gian Carlo Jubela and Ms. Sheilamei Abellanoza. They delivered the best inspirational message ever. Now, here's the script provided by the lovely couple.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever climbed a mountain?

In many ways, blogging is similar to mountaineering. You set eyes on our own summit. Perhaps you aim to share your ideas or prove that you are the best in your field. Perhaps you blog to promote a business. Or you blog in the hopes of earning from your passion.  With such a lofty endeavor, you begin to make preparations, from choosing the right platform to polishing up your writing and photography skills.

The real joy of mountaineering is not the summit itself but the journey towards it. That applies in blogging as well. Look at where you are now. The fact that you are sitting in this very hall is a testament on your perseverance to reach your own blogging summit.

It has been a challenging quest. Remember the frustration as you went up the slippery blogging trail. How many times have you cursed the slow internet for cutting your uploads? The sleepless nights that you spent to spin words and photos to make a perfect blog post? The panicky clacking of your keyboard as your realize you have so many backlogs? The frustration of seeing low traffic? The feeling of being forced to write just to keep your blog updated? The never-ending search for a new topic and the effort that comes along with it? Yes, the pressure of blogging is real and heavy. Often, you just want to give up, go back down the trail, and stop the endeavor.

But along the trail lies moments of joy and reward. Your blog has caught the attention of entities that want to sponsor you. Your unique view on an issue has gathered a lot of followers. You squealed in delight as you saw your first earnings in your Adsense account. You begin to receive a lot of inquiries from readers who determine that you are a trustworthy and reliable resource. You discovered ways to make your blog even better. Or unexpectedly, you have made a viral post that has captured the imagination of the world.

Were all of those stroke of luck? No, these are the small rewards on your way up. Your figurative rest areas, shelters, campsites, and water sources. You deserved these because you persevered.

Set your sight on the summit but do not hurry to reach it. In mountaineering, we do not take a hurried stride else we get into accidents. Do not aim for instant awards, money, or recognition; those will come in due time. Do not take the short paths; often, these lead to disastrous results. Do not be envious of others; you are your own person and you have your own style. Do not ostracize others for their blogging styles; they have their own way of making it up the summit. In other words, focus and enjoy your blogging journey rather than be selfish of reaching the summit.

Mountaineers need to embrace struggle to reach the peak. Blogging is no different.

Tonight, be proud of yourself. Your work has finally paid off. Right now, you are just a step away from your summit. Step up and enjoy the view. Thank you and good evening.

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