What is Sinulog Festival?

Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino. The dance moves to the sound of the drums and this resembles the current (Sinulog) of what was then known as Cebu's Pahina River. Thus, in Cebuano, they say it's Sinulog. (via Sinulog.ph)

The Sinulog commemorates the Filipino people's acceptance of Christianity (specifically, Roman Catholicism), and their rejection of their former animist beliefs. The first of these conversions happened in 1521 on the island of Cebu, when Rajah Humabon and his queen Amihan (Humamay )were baptised along with their subjects, becoming Carlos and Juana of Cebu ( via Wikipedia )

When is Sinulog Festival in Cebu?

The Sinulog is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the center of the Santo Niño celebration in the Philippines. (via Wikipedia)

What are the activities of Sinulog Festival?

During Sinulog, a series of activities and highlights are being prepared for the Tourists and locals. One of these is the Sinulog Grand Parade/Mardi Gras where you can witness performances of bright and colorful dancers on the streets and in the grandstand situated at the cebu City Sports Complex. Also, within the Sinulog Week (Third week of January) , Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan and Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan will kick off.

Now, to give you clear view, here's the list of Activities during Sinulog Festival.

  • Sinulog Street Fair - Along Jones Road (avenue)
  • Sinulog 2014 Fun Run  - highlights runners in Sinulog Costumes
  • Fiesta Señor Activities
  • Sinulog Launching Parade
  • Sinulog Photo Exhibit  
  • Sinulog sa Kabataan
  • Nightly Cultural Shows
  • Sinulog Short Film Festival 
  • Fluvial and Solemn Procession    
  • Walk with Jesus and Mary
  • Sinulog Grand Parade - Every third Sunday of January
  • Sinulog Photo Contest
  • Fireworks Display
  • Sinulog Dance Crew 
  • Ms. Cebu 2015
  • Sinulog Idol Competition
  • Sinulog Festival Queen
  • Sinulog Chorale Competition

For complete list, check this FaceCebu.Net's article.

Where to buy tickets during Sinulog Mardi Gras?

This is the most asked question and we strongly recommend to buy your tickets at the Sinulog Foundation Office at the Cebu City Sports Center. But you can also purchase it online. Visit FaceCebu.Net's special article on how to buy your tickets online.

What is Sinulog Organizers Contact Info?

Sinulog Foundation, Inc.
Cebu City Sports Center,Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
Telephone Numbers: (63.32) 253.3700
Telefax :  (63.32) 254.5010
Email Address :  mel_jn@yahoo.com

What are Social Media Accounts of Sinulog?

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sinulog-Foundation-Inc-Sinulog-Festival/151814331571437
Twitter: @OfficialSinulog
Instagram:  @officialsinulogfestival
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sinulog/

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