The Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 was held last December 7, 2014 at The Avalon Towers and one of the Highlights was the Inspirational Message by Best Cebu Personal Blogger of 2013, Doc. Narciso Tapia. Now, here's the full script.

Doc. Narciso Tapia in his Inspirational Message Speech

In blogging, what does it take to be the best? For me, to be the best, one does not aspire to be the best. For in trying to be the best, one may start to think more of one's self than others or ones readers, followers or community. And when that happens, there is now the temptation to manipulate Klout scores or other measures of influence. One might resort to artificially create followers, and likes.

What makes a blogger the best? It's not the number of events one attends, or the number of celebrities one meets, or the Ad revenues or the number of sponsors he or she has.

All of the above will just follow when you create useful content - content that comes from your passion to inform, to advocate, to educate your readers. After all, content is still king. One good example is Ms. Nancy Cudis of the Cebu Bloggers Society. She is passionate in sharing to others her advocacy in bookreading and her thoughts on books that she reads, without any award in mind. And look at her -- she is multi awarded.

Indeed to be the best, one has to be passionate with his or her blogging. If self and money is your main driving force, content becomes artificial and your blog will be forgotten. But with passion, comes sincerity and that sincerty will be reflected in your content. The likes, readers and invites will just come. For some, even the money.

Someone once said passion in blogging fades. I beg to disagree, for if it wanes then it's not real passion.

I know every awardee here tonight has the passion and that is why you are here tonight. You are the best in your niche. But to remain being the best, one has to be professional and not let awards like this allow to inflate your head. Let this award be an inspiration instead for you to continue to be passionate and to continue to be professional.

To be professional, one maintains a good relationship with bloggers and never takes advantage of them. One learns to look back and be grateful to those who helped him or her in blogging.

Simply put, to be the best, be sincere. Be yourself and think more of others when you blog. Congratulations to all the awardees and good evening.



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