Vic Marion Madriaga, “VICMADZ" of CDO Bloggers:

The Guy with a Big Voice” on the cyberspace, started blogging in 2007 and later joined the CDO Bloggers in 2010.

He lead the CDO Bloggers as the President for 2 years where the organization transitioned in undertaking a mature role of embarking new milestones and breakthroughs, through campaigning relevant advocacies that promote the vision of the organization.

The CDO Bloggers’ core vocation is to build up Cagayan de Oro including the businesses around the metro to make its mark in the online global community.

He also appeared in different media outfits (TV, Radio and Print Media) as subject matter expert in sharing his inputs, knowledge and points to the general public for social media and blogging awareness.

To add, he has also been invited to speak in different blogging and social media workshops in CDO to share his expertise in the field of blogging and social media which lead to his new advocacy (learn.vicmadz.com) a free e-learning medium educating people on the said topic.

He is an Award-winning Blogger, a GEG community member, a trainer, a Hootsuite APAC Volunteer Ambassador in the Philippines and a Social Media Professional at a Fortune 500 Company handling Social Support for different brands.

Follow Vic:
Twitter: @vicmadz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vicmadz



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