The first year of Best Cebu Blogs Awards was personally organized by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder, Mark Monta in his Technology Blog - www.bugits.com, with the purpose of showing the country or even the world that Cebu Bloggers are passionate in their stuff.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2008.

1 Sinjin's House

As we picked up these top 10 blogs, out of 5 members of the judging team, 5 voted Sinjin's House. Yes, they loved and appreciated how Sinjin develop the site, how he write and promote not just cebu but all hot spot of the country. Its new template especially the header caught the team's attention and the layout and column distribution is clean and simple.

Cebu Bloggers Society

CBS site buzzed the online world last feb of 2007 and as the group started to go beyond numbers, one of the member has heartily donored this site which served as repository and collection of stories, activities and promotions of Cebu island. Where can you see a colored orange site? ahehe


Super Paul

Content and design wise, paul's site has them. Lots of knowledge and ideas can be gained from this site. From technology news, art appreciation to Making money online, Paul can serve you.

Mcbilly dot com

He is our celebrity cebu Blogger, his web layout is good so with his write-ups which discuss on his life as model, student, son and a proud member of Cebu Bloggers Society.


Travel cebu

knightcarl has started to blog during the mandaue business month 2008 contest but as the competition was done, he converted the site into a very promising posts and repository of wonderful activities and scenery of Cebu.

The Heritage of Cebu

This site tied-up with travel Cebu, because of its meaningful post and promotion regarding cebu as an island, as a culture and as a HERITAGE

5 My Cebu Photo Blog

leylander, the owner, has gained lot of comments in every post he made in his blog. The team has recognized him at top 5 because of his effort and write-ups which definitely not just promoting cebu but loving the island

6 Mar Roxas For 2010

The most controversial blog of all times - not until 2010(lol). Well, Kevin has gone a long way and updating people on what is his point of views in campaigning Mar Roxas for 2010 presidency is not a joke. He is a HIT of this year

7 Webslave's Portal

Kulot is already in blogosphere since June of last year, and as days pass by, his blog definitely rocks! Not mentioning that the team love his layout - blue-colored simplicity rocks!

8 Monkeetech

Have you seen a monkey wearing CBS tshirt? or do you know of a monkey doing the write-ups in its blog? will thats Reynold, the monketeech, updates of technology, web and online buzzes, you can grab it here.

9 Dahong Laya

I know two of the best Bisaya language bloggers here in cebu, one is Jerry and the other is obviously this Guy, CLADO, the owner, has showed his feelings and confident in writing thorugh his blog and with no doubt, dahonglaya is one of the best


IE Student

My colleague was amazed, "wow, how did this IE student manage to post and blog, he is not an IT guy"

I am Downloader

Orbel is in the blogging world already since June and his way of posting updates and online technology buzz captured the team that put him on top

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