Mervin Marasigan has been blogging for more than 10 years now. He is the person behind the travel blog Pinoy Adventurista which is one of the most successful and top travel blogs in the Philippines.

Mervin Marasigan in Monreal, Masbate
Mervin Marasigan in Monreal, Masbate
As an intrepid traveler, he aimed to set foot on all the provinces in the Philippines. On August 2013, his dream of visiting all the 81 provinces in the country has become a reality. He shares, "When I launched my blog as "Pinoy AdvenTurista" sometime in 2010, I started the challenge of visiting ALL the provinces in the Philippines. Still a newbie, nobody knows who Pinoy Adventurista is. So, the personal challenge of visiting all the 81 provinces in the Philippines was born. Honestly, it was just my way "to get noticed." But after few months, when people started to like and got interested about the challenge, I made it as the main theme of my blog - "To share my travels and adventures as I tick-off the provinces in the Philippine map." In 2013, I am happy that I finally visited all the 81 provinces in the country."

Mervin Marasigan in Malamawi Island, Basilan
Mervin Marasigan in Malamawi Island, Basilan

His successful travel blog is known to contain an extensive list of travel guides and tips on different tourist and "off the beaten track" destinations in the Philippines.

Mervin Marasigan in El Nido, Palawan
Mervin Marasigan in El Nido, Palawan

 Follow his travels and adventures around the Philippines and beyond as he share his experiences in his blog www.pinoyadventurista.com and in Instagram @pinoyadventurista.

Mervin Marasigan in Zamboanga City
Mervin Marasigan in Zamboanga City



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